Matt Sincevich

dungeon master

Hello, I’m Matt Sincevich, Dungeon Master and game developer for The Empire’s Edge.

D&D has always been my mechanism to create worlds, characters, adventures, and exciting stories. Yorden, the world for our play, grew in tandem with the creation of my first novel An Evil Before and continues with my current project, After’s Fugitive. Yorden began in a D&D game I played 25 years ago… which speaks to the living quality of stories.

Our ancestors sat at fires retelling their daily deeds as well as those of their forbearers. Most students through my 25 years of teaching will remember how much I love telling stories! Today, we’re using the internet and microphones, but our willingness to be part of a story remains. The Empire’s Edge invites you to join in telling the tale of Yorden. We’re excited to game with you and look forward to your involvement, feedback, ideas, and creativity.


Natalie sincevich


Hello, I’m Natalie Sincevich, and I voice Zelen Adhar in The Empire’s Edge.

I tapped into my own life to create Zelen’s story.  I have an ancestress named Ludmilla and a cat named Bright. I do come from a line of Druids as my Dad could make anything grow. One of my favorite hobbies is rescuing plants from the clearance rack. 

Fresh out of college I began my professional career managing apartment communities. My problem-solving skills have been developed during many years in the multi-family corporate world. To relax, I love to be outdoors, hiking, backpacking and primitive camping. If I’m inside I’m usually crocheting and watching documentaries.  

Outside of my corporate role, I have my own business doing energy healing. I’m a certified EFT practitioner and work with private clients to help them clear energy blocks and live their best lives. 

I have dungeon mastered a couple of games over the past 30+ years, but this is the first time I’ve played.


David Warner

jacob treadstone

Hi, I’m David Warner. I voice Jacob Treadstone, and I manage the production and editing of The Empire’s Edge.

I love movies, memes (follow me on Instagram @SwiggityDave #shamelessplug), and my dog, Loki.

Back in high school, I had friends who played D&D and I told myself I’d never be that nerdy. It wasn’t until the fall of 2015 that I played my first game. I was hooked immediately and have been ever since.

I began making videos in middle and high school and since that time I’ve earned a degree in Film and Video Production from Georgia State University and find it interesting to look back at how far I’ve come, yet I’m much more excited to see what lies ahead.

I’m thrilled to be a part of The Empire’s Edge, and I look forward to the growth of our story and world. It wouldn’t be nearly as much fun without every one of you who makes this possible, so thank you for your support and enjoy the show.



victor sincevich

Boris kirsonov

Hello, I’m Victor Sincevich. I voice Boris Kirsonov and manage social media for The Empire’s Edge.

My character and I share roots in AD&D. The original Boris was one of dad’s favorites back in the day. He and I agreed that The Empire’s Edge would be an excellent opportunity for the character’s renaissance and built him in the new edition. I follow Asatru, Norse paganism, and though Boris’s faith is similar to Catholicism, I feel my faith gives me a spiritual tie to him.

I learned the AD&D rules as a kid and then picked up 4e for a stretch in my mid-teens. Now I play both 3.5e and 5e. In addition to gaming, I have a soft spot for nature and unusual musical instruments. I also study myths and history to develop more realistic worlds.

Thank you all for listening and interacting. You are the lifeblood of The Empire’s Edge. I look forward to seeing how we improve the podcast together.